Accessible data and analysis: How Voice Assistants Serve the Enterprises

Accessible Data & Analytics How Voice Assistants Serve the Enterprises

With the advent of speech technology, the industry has witnessed various breakthrough changes in speech data and analysis. Organizations and enterprises around the globe now are employing speech and voice recognition systems in their premises to monitor and enhance a number of operations such as meetings, conferences, voice bots for sales and support, telephony and …

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How Speech into Text using Speech Recognition Technology Is Revolutionizing

How Speech Recognition Technology Is Revolutionizing The Future of Human-Machine Interaction

Communication plays a vital role in our lives. Humans started with signs, symbols, Speech into Text and evolved to a stage, where they began communicating with each other using various languages. Then a paradigm shift happened and with the advent of computing and communication technologies, machines started communicating with humans and in some cases with …

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Effective Voice AI Enabled Mobile Applications

Voice Enable Your Mobile Apps for Hands-Free Usage

Adaptive Voice AI technology GoVivace’s Automatic Speech Recognition technology is an ideal solution for voice AI enabled mobile applications. By utilizing grammar and a statistical language model, our system excels at understanding natural language, ensuring highly accurate and precise functionality. With our technology, businesses and organizations can enhance data processing capabilities and, more importantly, improve …

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Powerful Machine Learning and Signal Processing transformed the Speech

Machine Learning-and Signal Processing is transforming-the-Speech 1

The transformation process of machine learning Big Data, higher computing capacities GPUs deep learning, machine learning and signal processing have had a transformative effect on the speech technologies of today. The transformation in technology has led to accuracies that only rival humans. Obviously, the industry has moved to embrace the new technology and the effect …

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