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At GoVivace we always strive to succeed by developing and providing the best in class enterprise speech technology software and solutions to our users which has been earning us the recognition and trustworthiness from them.

    • In partnership with UniMRCP, we announce the full support of MRCPv2 Protocol for our speech recognition and other speech technology services such as language, accent, gender, and speaker identification. To know how this integration of GoVivace and UniMRCP is going to empower our clients and customers, read this.
    • Our partnership with Bright Pattern who itself specializes in omnichannel contact center software solutions is a great step for the advancement of speech technology by utilizing voice recognition engine and solution for identifying the characteristics of speaker developed by GoVivace so as to improve customer experience. To know how this integration of GoVivace and Bright Pattern is a milestone for speech technology, read about it here.
    • At GoVivace we not only focus on the individual but also on collective development. That is why we with our Company.Speech solution provides our clients our speech interface which can be customized according to their requirements. To find how GoVivace proves to be a leader in speech technologies, read it here.
      • Our automatic speech recognition system has been deployed to serve the IBI’s group 511 IVR systems across the US which is used by millions of people every day to gather updates like “Today’s weather” or “Live Traffic Updates”. To know how speech recognition is helping millions of Americans, click here.
    • GoVivace Inc. has partnered with communication technology expert C-Zentrixto develop speech analytics platform for call centers and enterprises by utilizing our experience and expertise in speech technology. To know how GoVivace and C-Zentrix are working parallelly on this, click here.
    • In this era where security and privacy is a major concern for countries and enterprises at an organizational level, there is a need for more secure methods to authenticate a person whether at a border of a country or at financial institutions like banks. To ease of this, we bring a solution which identifies the speaker by its voice.  To know how voice recognition can help Law and Defence Authorities in identifying a terrorist, click here.
  • As speech technologies are making the mark in this technological era at a fast pace with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, we at GoVivace are ready to provide our users with our solutions along with our expertise and experience. To know how GoVivace is building the speech structure for others, click here.
  • This technological era is advancing with the dominance of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, we at GoVivace are inculcate this in speech signal processing. To know how machine learning and signal processing is transforming speech, read it here.

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