Speaker Characteristics

GoVivace offers a Speaker Characteristics solution that is able to determine the characteristics of a speaker just by listening to a person’s voice/speech.

Speech technology can be used to extract information about the characteristics of a speaker, such as age, gender, language, accent, or emotional state. These characteristics can provide valuable insights into the speaker’s behaviour, preferences, and identity. Extracting information about the characteristics of a speaker such as age, gender, language, accent or emotional state from speech has distinct importance in intelligent commercial dialogue systems and smart call centers. Consider somebody calling and the call lands on an IVR system, and they request a sales agent in the electronics department.

Sure Speech to Text will do its job and take you to a representative in that department. However, you can also in the meantime estimate the speaker’s characteristics such as gender and age and maybe the part of the country they belong to. Then how about connecting them to an agent who hails from the same region, or probably has similar interests or age group?

Similarly, when a customer is in conversation with the agent at the call centers, our call analytics solution will live track every single word they say and while keeping track of successes and related issues, the GoVivace’s patented emotion identification system will also be working in parallel in the background. If the word conveys a negative sentiment, but there is laughter in the style of talking, maybe they are just getting along well and getting a chuckle. On the other hand, if the conversation is neutral, but the emotional style of talking is aggressive, maybe a supervisor should barge in and look into the matter. Virtual reality and dialogue applications can begin to personalize themselves on the basis of these speech “body languages” cues like gender, age, emotion, and accent. In a well-designed system, such an approach will improve user satisfaction, that is why we bring out this solution which is able to deduce speaker characteristics from the speech of a person and will help organizations in a productive manner.

GoVivace’s patented speech technology solutions can help you to leverage speaker characteristics for your applications. Speaker characteristics can be used for various applications that require intelligent and personalized interactions with users. Some of the advantages of using speaker characteristics are:

Improved customer service: Speaker characteristics can help to route callers to the most suitable agents in a contact center, based on their language, accent, or region. For example, a caller who speaks Spanish with a Mexican accent can be connected to an agent who speaks the same language and dialect.

Enhanced security: Speaker characteristics can help to verify the identity of callers by comparing their voice with a database of known voices or fraudsters. This can help to prevent identity theft and fraud, as well as to identify suspects or criminals based on their voices.

Personalized interaction: Speaker characteristics can help to tailor the conversation and the content to the user’s preferences and needs. For example, a voicebot or chatbot can adjust its tone, style, or language based on the user’s age, gender, or emotion.

Increased user satisfaction: Speaker characteristics can help to create a more natural and human-like interaction with users, by recognizing and responding to their voice cues. This can increase the user’s trust and engagement with the system.

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