Fair Use Policy

As part of our continuing effort to provide the best experience to all of our customers, GoVivace has created this Fair Use Policy. This Fair Use Policy states important requirements regarding your use of all GoVivace cloud service products, such as CALLai. This Fair Use Policy also discloses information about GoVivace’s network performance, network management practices, and network security. You should read this carefully as it contains important information.

GoVivace may revise this Fair Use Policy from time to time by posting an updated version of this document here or on any successor URL(s). All revised copies of this Fair Use Policy are effective immediately upon posting. Accordingly, customers should regularly visit the GoVivace Website.

At GoVivace, our goal is to give each customer the fastest service possible at the best value.  We are always striving to develop programs and policies to make that possible.  Our Fair Use Policy is designed to help ensure the best speeds for the vast majority of our customers while minimizing any inconvenience caused by our network management practices. To ensure that all customers have equitable access to the GoVivace cloud servers, GoVivace has established usage levels that limit the number of transcription minutes within stated periods of time, as described further below.

Unlimited Use:  All GoVivace cloud-based products are intended for unlimited use, however, you should be aware that such “unlimited” plans remain subject to GoVivace’s excessive use, and Fair Use Policy. For our non-business license users, those that use the click-through license on the installation program, If user’s usage of the services exceeds retail normal use, GoVivace may at its option, reach out to the user and request that they purchase a business license for the cloud-based product, at the then business list price, or terminate the user’s license.  Currently, retail normal use is 5 hours a week. Our assessment of retail normal use may change without notice, so it is recommended that users check the GoVivace’s website from time to time.