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Authenti - Speaker Identification
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Authenti: Voice Biometrics for Speaker Identification

Speaker Identification

Authenti – Speaker Identification is a patented voice biometric solution that uses unique vocal characteristics to verify a person’s identity. It identify voice online and analyzes over 600 features of a person’s voice, such as pitch, tone, accent, and rhythm, to determine who they are. Authenti can also detect when the speaker changes during a conversation, providing an additional layer of security and insight.

Authenti – Speaker Identification or Voice identifier is powered by GoVivace’s advanced speech technology, which includes speech recognition, natural language processing, and machine learning. Authenti can work with any language and any channel, such as phone calls, web chats, or mobile apps. 

Authenti can be used for various applications, such as:
Forensic analysis: Authenti – Speaker Identification or Voice identifier can process large directories of voice samples and match them with a target voice or a database of known voices. This can help law enforcement and security agencies to identify criminals or suspects based on their voices.

Contact center authentication: Authenti can rapidly identify callers by comparing their voice with a database of known fraudsters or customers. This can help agents to verify the caller’s identity and reduce the risk of fraud and identity theft.

Voicebot and chatbot interaction: Authenti can enhance the user experience and trust of voicebot and chatbot applications by recognizing the user’s voice and personalizing the conversation accordingly.

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How Authenti – Speaker Identification will help organizations?

Authenti captures unique vocal characteristics, including pitch, tone, cadence, and pronunciation to perform voiceprint analysis. It verifies the identity of a speaker by comparing their voice against an enrolled voiceprint.

It authenticates based on specific phrases (text-dependent) or recognizes an individual’s voice in any spoken content (text-independent). It utilizes techniques to detect and prevent voice recordings or synthetic attempts to deceive the system.

Authenti voice identifier allows for ongoing monitoring of the user’s voice during a session, adding an extra layer of security. It can be integrated with other biometric methods or authentication factors for enhanced security working in the background providing a seamless experience. 

It allows users to enroll their voiceprints by speaking specific phrases, creating a unique template for future verification. It separates and identifies multiple speakers in an audio stream, useful in scenarios with multiple participants.

Authenti provides a high level of security as each individual’s voice is unique to offer a convenient and natural authentication method, eliminating the need for physical tokens or passwords. Difficult to impersonate, making it challenging for fraudsters to gain unauthorized access.

Supports continuous monitoring during a session, enhancing security by identifying anomalies. This requires minimal effort from the user, as it is non-intrusive and doesn’t involve physical contact.

Well-suited for remote authentication scenarios, making it practical for phone-based transactions or customer support, and can scale to accommodate a large number of users without compromising security.

Easily integrates with phone systems, mobile applications, and other platforms, making it versatile which reduces the need for manual authentication processes, leading to operational cost savings.

Helps organizations comply with regulatory requirements related to data security and user authentication to enhance the overall customer experience by providing a secure and user-friendly authentication method.

Integrating Authenti – Speaker Identification provides a strong layer of security while ensuring a user-friendly and accessible experience. It is particularly useful in scenarios where voice interactions are prevalent, such as call centers, virtual assistants, and phone-based applications. It works with other biometric methods or authentication factors for a multi-modal approach.

Authenti – Speaker Identification is voice recognition software to identify person which is available as a software developer kit (SDK), a WebSocket service, an MRCPv2 server, or an engine. Authenti can be deployed on Linux, Windows, or Mac platforms, and can be integrated with any existing system or application. Authenti also comes with a graphical user interface (GUI) that allows users to easily configure and use the solution.

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