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Authenti solution is based on our patented AI Voice Biometric technology.

voice authentication

Speaker verification is the process of verifying the identity of a person based on their voice . It is a form of bio metric authentication that uses the unique vocal characteristics of a person as a password. Speaker verification is becoming increasingly important in today’s business environment, where fraud and identity theft are rampant. Speaker verification can be used in scenarios where only the voice of the person is available, such as phone calls, or where multi factor or 2nd authentication is required, such as face-to-face security checks.

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Authenti solution is based on our patented Voice Biometric technology. Our solution can benefit various industries that need to verify the identity of their customers or clients, such as financial institutions, banks, e-commerce, and healthcare. By adding speaker verification with standard security questions, these industries can enhance their security and reduce the risk of fraud and information leakage. Voice authentication is a valuable second-line security check that can complement other forms of biometric authentication, such as fingerprints and iris scans.

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Speaker verification

Authenti Speaker Verification works as follows

  • The person who wants to verify their identity is prompted to say a fixed phrase.
  • The live voice sample of the person is compared with a stored voiceprint of the same phrase.
  • The solution accepts or rejects the identity of the speaker based on the similarity between the live sample and the voiceprint.
  • The result is displayed on the agent’s screen for them to make an informed decision.

Our solution has several advantages over other methods of voice verification or voice authentication such as:

  • It can reliably compare live voice samples with very small voiceprints, which are less than one kilobyte in size and typically 30 to 45 seconds long. This reduces the size and cost of the caller profile database.
  • It can enroll or update new speakers at any time, without requiring them to repeat the same phrase multiple times.
  • It can be integrated with Automatic Speech Recognition technologies for more accurate verification.
  • It can be integrated with anti-spoofing technology to detect any spoofing attack. 

How Authenti – Speaker Verification will help organizations?

Authenti captures unique vocal characteristics, including pitch, tone, cadence, and pronunciation to perform voiceprint analysis. It verifies the identity of a speaker by comparing their voice against an enrolled voiceprint.

It verifies based on specific phrases (text-dependent) or recognizes an individual’s voice in any spoken content (text-independent). It utilizes techniques to detect and prevent voice recordings or synthetic attempts to deceive the system.

Authenti allows for ongoing monitoring of the user’s voice during a session, adding an extra layer of security. It can be integrated with other biometric methods or authentication factors for enhanced security working in the background providing a seamless experience. 

It allows users to enroll their voiceprints by speaking specific phrases, creating a unique template for future verification. It analyzes dynamic voice characteristics, such as changes in emotion or stress levels, to strengthen verification.

Authenti provides a high level of security as each individual’s voice is unique to offer a convenient and natural authentication method, eliminating the need for physical tokens or passwords. It passively verifies the user’s identity without requiring explicit action, enhancing user experience.

Supports continuous monitoring during a session, enhancing security by identifying anomalies. This requires minimal effort from the user, as it is non-intrusive and doesn’t involve physical contact.

Well-suited for remote verification scenarios, making it practical for phone-based transactions or customer support, and can scale to accommodate a large number of users without compromising security to comply with regulatory requirements related to data security and user verification.

Easily integrates with phone systems, mobile applications, and other platforms, making it versatile which reduces the need for manual verification processes, leading to operational cost savings.

Helps organizations comply with regulatory requirements related to data security and user authentication to enhance the overall customer experience by providing a secure and user-friendly authentication method.

Authenti – Speaker Verification is a robust solution for confirming the identity of individuals, offering a balance between security and user convenience. Its applications range from secure access to devices and applications to fraud prevention in financial transactions and customer service interactions with operational cost savings.

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