ScriptoAI – Reliable AI Transcriptions Platform is a speech to text transcriptions technology that can turn spoken words into written text.


Deposition and Court Recordings can transcribe what people say in real-time, transcribe audio into text to make accurate and complete transcriptions, and keep a record of everything. It also makes it easy to find and share information, and to make the content transcriptions accessible for everyone.

Business and Enterprise can transcribe meetings, documents, and voice commands. It can also translate and analyze the content, audio to text transcription and integrate it with other tools. This can improve communication, documentation, and data use. It can also save time and help with decision-making.


Education and eLearning can transcribe lectures and materials, and help students with note-taking and language learning. It can also make the content transcriptions accessible for students with disabilities, and provide personalized feedback. This can enhance learning experiences and engagement.

Web conferences and Live events can transcribe and caption what people say in real-time, and translate it into different languages. It can also make the content searchable and interactive, and record it for later use. This can make communication more accessible, efficient, and engaging.

Media and Entertainment can transcribe and caption media content, and add subtitles and localization. It can also index and monetize the content, and provide insights and voice control. This can enhance content creation, accessibility, and user experiences. is a powerful tool that uses speech to text technology to make content simple, clear, and useful for different purposes

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