How GoVivace ASR – Automatic Speech Recognition Helped The IBI Group Service

GoVivace ASR 511 services offer information ranging from today’s weather to “how soon will the L7 bus be here”. Today millions of travelers rely on 511 every month, to retrieve traffic updates, transit information and alternative solutions to their transportation needs. 511 is an integral part of what is a larger effort to create “Smart Cities” throughout the world.

Currently, IBI Group is instrumental in building “Smart Cities” in 11 countries. IBI is considered the industry leader in designing, organizing and producing 511 systems throughout the United States, most notably in the Greater Los Angeles area, (LA, Orange, and Ventura counties), as well as 511 systems for the states of Florida, New York, Massachusetts, and Alaska.

The beauty of IBI Group’s 511 interactive voice response(IVR) system is the ability to tailor each system to a particular region’s needs. Customization allows for a client to offer a handful of options in a rural area while a more advanced, multi-layer system is imperative for metropolitan areas.

The Challenge for Govivace ASR

It is to be expected that users of this system will not be calling from quiet locations but rather from noisy environments such as train stations, bus stops or at the side of the road. Therefore, the speech recognition technology utilized must include the first-rate algorithm to filter out the noise and 21st-century technology to interpret utterances into recognizable text. IBI Group has repeatedly chosen GoVivace.

Utilizing proprietary neural networks and deep learning techniques, GoVivace has been able to interpret the noisiest utterances, guiding the Voice User Interface (VUI) to find the appropriate response, thereby completing a caller’s request expeditiously and accurately.

The GoVivace ASR  speech engine can handle a large vocabulary, or a constrained topic-specific language model, which provides for a higher rate of accuracy when the application permits.

Larry Baldwin, Manager of Voice Services at IBI Group, states “I chose and will continue to choose, GoVivace for three main reasons: accuracy, service, and price.
I’ve found that the GoVivace team has produced a very high-quality product and their team is very supportive”.

The path from choosing a speech technology vendor to deploying a 511 solution was a long journey. Data sources that form the catalogue and menu of the system came from disparate sources.

All that data needed to be normalized to an easily readable format. As is the nature of large cities, the names of the streets are not regular English words and the vocabulary sizes can be large. The resulting grammars were gigantic, and efficient optimization was needed to make everything work smoothly. IBI and GoVivace ASR worked together to sort through all those issues.

Govivace ASR

GoVivace ASR is the go-to speech provider that offers a combination of grammar-based and large vocabulary speech recognition (say anything) with highly customized language models.

This ensures optimum accuracy in noisy environments for highly vertical subjects such as finance, travel, and medicine. GoVivace ASR can also fit in the smallest domain, from silicon to IoT devices, while highly scalable on cloud services like AWS©or Azure©.

So, take advantage of GoVivace ASR the speech recognition technology to make your business process more seamless and hassle-free and enhance customer engagement and satisfaction.