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CallAI is a customer interaction management and quality assurance software that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to analyze and extract insights from call center conversations.

CallAI uses natural language processing (NLP), machine learning (ML), and speech recognition (ASR) to understand the content, context, and emotion of spoken language data. CallAI can help you improve your call center quality management and customer interaction management to gain customer satisfaction by providing you with the following features and benefits:

Customer Service Quality Assurance: Customer Interaction management and quality assurance is the process of ensuring that your call center meets or exceeds the standards and expectations of your customers and stakeholders. Quality assurance involves monitoring, evaluating, and improving the quality of your calls and agents using various metrics and methods. Call center analytics is the process of collecting, measuring, and analyzing data from your calls and agents to improve your service quality and performance. You can use CallAI to access various types of data, such as operational, behavioral, and emotional data.

Operational data refers to the data that shows how efficiently and effectively you deliver your service, such as speed of answer, handling time, first-call resolution, etc. These are some of the common call center metrics that measure your service level and productivity.

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Behavioral data refers to the data that shows how your agents interact with your customers, such as communication skills, product knowledge, problem-solving skills, etc. These are some of the common call center performance metrics offered by customer interaction management software CallAI that measure your agents’ competence and professionalism.

Emotional data refers to the data that shows how your customers feel about your service, such as satisfaction, loyalty, sentiment, etc. These are some of the common customer satisfaction metrics that measure your customers’ perceptions and emotions.

You can use CallAI a customer interaction management software to monitor and evaluate these types of data using customized metrics and checklists that reflect your business goals and customer expectations. You can also use CallAI to provide feedback and coaching to your agents on how to improve their skills and performance based on the data.


Speech analytics: Speech analytics is a technique that uses ASR, NLP, and ML to analyze spoken language data from calls. You can use CallAI a customer interaction management tool to perform various tasks using speech analytics, such as sentiment analysis, keyword spotting, script compliance, call summarization, multilingual support, voice biometrics, trend analysis, feedback, and coaching.

Sentiment analysis: Sentiment analysis is one of the features of customer interaction management software that uses NLP and ML to detect and classify the emotions and attitudes of your customers based on their speech or text. You can use sentiment analysis to understand your customers’ satisfaction levels, loyalty drivers, pain points, and expectations. Sentiment analysis can also help you identify unhappy or dissatisfied customers who might need more attention or follow-up.

Script compliance is a measure of how well your agents follow the scripts or guidelines during their calls. You can use script compliance to ensure that your agents are providing consistent and accurate information to your customers. Script compliance can also help you avoid errors or mistakes that might cause customer dissatisfaction or legal issues.

Voice biometrics is a technique that uses ASR and ML to verify or identify the identity of a speaker based on their voice characteristics. You can use voice biometrics to enhance the security and privacy of your calls. Voice biometrics can also help you authenticate or personalize your service for your customers based on their voice identity.

Trend analysis is a technique that uses ML and statistics to identify patterns or changes in data over time. You can use trend analysis to track the performance and behavior of your agents and customers over time. Trend analysis can also help you predict future demand or trends that might affect your service quality or strategy.

Call summarization is a technique that uses NLP and ML to create concise summaries of the main points or topics discussed during calls. You can use call summarization to review and evaluate your calls quickly and easily. The customer interaction management tool CallAI helps you generate reports or insights from your calls that can help you improve your service quality or strategy.

Multilingual support is also offered by CallAI (customer interaction management software) which allows you to analyze calls in different languages, such as English, Spanish, French, etc. You can use multilingual support to cater to a diverse and global customer base. Multilingual support can also help you overcome language barriers or misunderstandings that might affect your customer satisfaction or loyalty

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Keyword spotting is a technique that uses ASR and ML to identify and extract specific words or phrases from your calls that are relevant to your business or service. You can use keyword spotting to monitor what your customers are saying about your products, features, prices, quality, or any other aspect that matters to you. You can also use keyword spotting to compare yourself with your competitors or to discover new opportunities or threats in your market.

Feedback and coaching  CallAI (customer interaction management tool) uses speech analytics to provide constructive feedback and suggestions to your agents on how to improve their communication skills product knowledge problem-solving skills etc. Feedback and coaching are essential for enhancing your agents’ skills and motivation as well as for identifying and addressing any performance gaps or issues.

Elevate customer service excellence and transform customer satisfaction using CallAI (Customer Interaction management)

The important factors in how CallAI helps to Improve customer interaction management in a call center along with quality management and revolutionize customer satisfaction,

Efficient Evaluation Processes: Streamlining Agent Assessments

Automating evaluation procedures for accuracy and consistency by reducing time spent on manual assessment tasks, freeing resources for customer care

Data-Driven Insights: Harnessing Analytics for Continuous Improvement

Leveraging data analytics to gain actionable insights into customer interactions and making informed decisions to enhance processes and agent performance

Real-Time Monitoring and Feedback: Enhancing Agent Performance on the Go

Monitoring live calls in real-time to provide instant guidance by correcting issues as they occur, preventing customer dissatisfaction

Targeted Coaching and Training: Empowering Agents to Excel

Tailoring coaching sessions and training materials to address individual needs by equipping agents with the skills and knowledge to excel in their roles

Compliance Assurance: Ensuring Adherence to Regulations and Quality Standards

Guaranteeing that all calls comply with industry regulations and internal guidelines to reduce legal risks and to maintain a high level of professionalism

Call Center KPI Metrics

Efficient Issue Resolution: Resolving Problems Faster and More Accurately

Identifying and addressing customer concerns promptly by minimizing escalations and callbacks, leading to higher customer satisfaction

Agent Empowerment: Motivating and Developing a Skilled Workforce

Recognizing and rewarding exceptional agent performance to boost agent morale and create job satisfaction for long-term commitment

Customer Feedback Integration: Incorporating Customer Input for Ongoing Enhancement

Integrating feedback mechanisms to adapt quality management processes by aligning services with customer expectations and preferences

Operational Excellence: Streamlining Workflows for Optimal Outcomes

Optimizing processes to minimize errors and reduce operational costs by providing agents with the right tools and resources for success

Enhanced Customer Experience: Delighted Customer Interaction Management

Improving first-call resolution rates for faster issue resolution by enhancing the quality of customer interactions with well-prepared agents

Increased Customer Loyalty: Cultivating Stronger Customer Relationships

Consistently delivering high-quality interactions to create loyal customers by transforming satisfied customers into enthusiastic brand advocates

Brand Reputation Enhancement: Elevating Your Company’s Image

Delivering exceptional service to improve your brand’s reputation and customer interaction management tool to stand out as a leader in customer care within your industry

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CallAI offers a comprehensive approach to quality assurance by connecting and unifying various communication channels using the application program interface (API). This approach enhances customer satisfaction, improves operational efficiency, and supports data-driven decision-making, ultimately benefiting both the businesses and their customers.

Happy Customers

CallAI team helped us transition quickly and achieve the monitoring on the QA metrics of interest to us. They are quick at resolving any issues. They were with us every step of the way, from initial setup to ongoing support and training. Their dedication to our success has been truly impressive.
-- Arvinder
I can confidently say that Govivace's speech analytics, a customer interaction management and quality management solution CallAI has transformed our call center operations. It has improved our customer service, boosted agent morale, and positively impacted our bottom line. I highly recommend CallAI to any organization looking to enhance its call center operations and deliver exceptional customer experiences.
-- Sachin
Our customer support operations were struggling to meet our service level goals and maintain a high standard of customer satisfaction. CallAI a customer interaction management software with speech analytics has allowed us to gain invaluable insights into our customer interactions. We can now easily identify areas of improvement, track agent performance, and understand customer sentiment in real-time.
-- Jessica
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Let us help you to get started...